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Here are some representative video clips from recent positive engagement events in Bedford and Liverpool.

We warmly thank Supporting People services for allowing us to include excerpts from their video documentaries.




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Case studies

...real stories, real results

Since launching in November 2005, Positive Engagement has helped transform the working ethos and performance of a wide range of organisations, including O2, the Audit Commission, National Housing Federation and Liverpool City Council.

Here are a few case studies illustrating the type of services we provide and the results we are helping to deliver.

Large northern metropolitan council, Supporting People Team

Following a poor Audit Commission report, the council needed to redesign its strategy for its supporting people service. A key part of this was involving service users across the city.

We worked with the council to develop an appreciative inquiry-based workshop that enabled them to engage effectively with a large range of service users from across the city. Our team lead and facilitated five large events with service users ranging from the elderly, refugees, ex-offenders to people with special needs. Strategic partners and service providers were also actively involved in the sessions.

During the highly interactive and energising sessions, we enabled the council to engage fully with their customers and gather over 200 ideas for services improvements and suggestions for strategic change.

Multinational pharmaceutical company, Berlin

Our client was redesigning its training for sales managers across Europe, and was keen to use cutting edge methodology to engage with European sales directors and training managers during a conference on the issue.

We designed and ran a two-day workshop with one day dedicated to using AI techniques to elicit best practice examples of current training and development approaches. We then developed these into a strategy to deliver inclusive, culturally relevant and cost-effective training across 10 European countries.
The delegates loved the approach – and it also enabled managers whose English wasn’t so good to get their points across fully.

Housing association, Manchester

This client approached us to run their annual conference, but wanted a day that would be unusual and fun, as well as highly business-focused.

During discussions prior to the event, we agreed with the client that they wanted to focus the event on improving internal and external customer service.

We designed and then facilitated a whole day of AI with 100 key staff, helping them celebrate positive examples of excellent customer service, and explore their visions for the future. This resulted in delegates developing more than 50 new ideas of how customer service could be improved – both in the short term and over time.

The day was incredibly successful, and we received some great feedback. So too did the board! 

Metropolitan council, Midlands

This client was keen to improve governance arrangements following a poor Audit Commission report.

We delivered a half-day AI session focused on ‘Achieving Positive Governance and Partnerships’, with help from colleagues from the Audit Commission and the Department for Communities and Local Government.

The session was very successful and produced several SMART actions and quick wins, plus many energised and newly-focused delegates!