How Appreciative Inquiry can help your organisation

…experience the difference!

From strategic planning and developing leadership through to partnership working, positive community engagement, conflict resolution, culture change and performance appraisal, we can tailor the Appreciative Inquiry approach to meet your needs.

Appreciative Inquiry is uniquely well-suited to managing organisational change because of its ability to involve people at all levels, generate positive energy and boost morale quickly, as your people focus on what is already working well, what they have achieved, and the factors that motivate them to give of their best at work.

We are happy to discuss your needs and suggest some ways that Appreciative Inquiry could help you achieve them - call us for a no-obligation chat on 07766 527 434.

Positive Engagement Events

Positive Engagement events are rapidly becoming recognised as an extremely effective, engaging and morale-building option that can bring together diverse interested parties such as service users, front-line staff, senior management and other stakeholders. We have facilitated a number of these events for Supporting People Administering Authorities.

A one or two-day Appreciative Inquiry process provides a way for everyone involved to identify and celebrate what is already working well, collectively envision the desired future, and identify practical ways to get there in a way that raises energy and generates an impressive level of positive motivation to move forward.

For large scale open forum events, we can employ a graphic artist experienced in simultaneously translating verbal and written feedback into imagery and graphics to depict a shared vision.

We can also provide a DVD capturing the best of the event, which can be circulated to providers and service users, providing a cost-effective tool for further organisational learning. To see some video clips of Appreciative Inquiry events click here: Appreciative Inquiry Video

Teambuilding With Appreciative Inquiry

Away Days
For your next team away day or team vision session, consider letting us facilitate a one-day Appreciative Inquiry event around your chosen topic.


Examples would be "How do we improve response times?" or "How do we work effectively as a diverse team?"


" I’ve had really good feedback from the day – thanks so much for all the work you put in to making this a really constructive and positive event" - Sian Lockwood, Chief Executive, NAAPS


Culture Change

We can help your organisation to develop an appreciative culture. Appreciative Inquiry can liberate positive energy and motivation in a surprisingly short time.


Every case is different, so rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, we work with you to develop an approach tailored to fit your organisation's needs. Here are some of our tried-and-tested workshops that may form components in helping your organisation develop and sustain a coaching culture based on building on the best of what you have.


Appreciative Inquiry


Comprehensive training is offered in the core method of AI. Our experiential and practical workshop covers:

  • The principles of AI
  • The 5D Process of AI: Define, Discover, Dream, Design and Deliver
  • AI Applications at work


Appreciative Coaching


A practical, hands-on training in coaching skills for managers which dispels common misconceptions about coaching and delivers:

  • What coaching is - and what it isn't
  • A simple five-step performance coaching model that participants can use immediately
  • How to coach using appreciative inquiry principles
  • Knowing when coaching is appropriate - and when it isn't
  • Formal and informal coaching
  • Plenty of practice in coaching and experience of being coached
  • Four styles of intervention and when to use each

Positive Action Learning

Action Learning blended with AI is an ideal practice for small groups or sets of leaders who want to challenge and support one another positively in areas of personal development and project management in a confidential professional atmosphere.

By acting as facilitator to a new set, we train the set in the method so that it becomes self-managing and self-facilitating over a period of four-six meetings without the need to rely on long-term external consultancy.

Positive Action learning has the potential to provide sustainable leadership support and professional development solutions in one.