About us

Kate is an experienced consultant and committed practitioner of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) - as a facilitator, trainer and coach.

Since 2005 she has specialised in the practical application of AI for positive engagement, making the benefits of this pioneering approach accessible to businesses and organisations whatever their size or sector.

She is also part of a wider AI network was been trained by Anne Radford, a pioneer of Appreciative Inquiry in the UK.

What makes us different?

Combining years of experience, tried-and-tested methods, and scores of satisfied clients, Positive Engagement is also able to provide the ‘personal touch’. 

Many management consultancies – due to their size and methodological approach – lack the warmth and approachability which can be crucial to the success of any external intervention.

At Positive Engagement, we believe strongly that people need to feel comfortable and at ease if they are to truly reap the benefits of our services. That is why we are committed to a friendly, personalised approach, developing an atmosphere of trust in which staff feel valued and engaged in the process of change.




Kate McAllister
Kate has many years experience of working in the public and voluntary sector. This includes over 10 years as a senior director for one of the country’s leading supported housing associations, where she had responsibility for multi-million pound budgets and more than 500 staff.

She has also been involved in the development of a number of national policies, primarily in the field of social housing. Recent work involves collaboration with the Law Commission and the Housing Corporation.

Kate has always focused on the positive, seeking practical solutions to complex and seemingly unsurmountable problems. As a result she was impressed by the power of Appreciative Inquiry as a tool to enable sustained and positive organisational improvement.

Kate is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Housing, a qualified life coach and a certified NLP practitioner.

Having juggled the demands of family and career for many years, Kate is able to empathise and identify with people from all backgrounds, whatever their circumstances.