Building engagement with Appreciative Inquiry

If you are looking for ways to increase the engagement and unlock the creativity of your employees, Appreciative Inquiry could be the answer. It's a method of improving performance and morale which works by building on strengths rather than looking for problems and trying to fix them.

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Why embrace Appreciative Inquiry as a change method?

  1. Change requires people to adapt and learn new ways of doing their job - but people can't learn if they are stressed. So you need a positive emotional climate if people are to find the energy and confidence to accept change. Appreciative Inquiry builds that climate by focusing on strengths, achievements, and doing more of what is already working.

  2. Appreciative Inquiry is inclusive - you don't have to sell change to your people or get their 'buy-in', because they have contributed to the vision. Contrast this with traditional change methods, in which new initiatives are imposed from the top down and/or prescribed by external consultants with no stake in the organisation.

  3. Appreciative Inquiry enables rapid change by liberating the creativity of everyone involved in it - front-line staff as well as senior managers, plus customers, service users and other stakeholders.

Some examples of how Appreciative Inquiry can help you

  • Appreciative Inquiry implementation tailored to your organisation
  • Team-building and away-days using Appreciative Inquiry
  • Practical Appreciative Inquiry facilitator training
  • Helping you to develop an appreciative coaching culture in your organisation
  • Positive engagement events bringing together management, frontline staff and service users

To find out more about how Appreciative Inquiry can help your organisation move beyond problems, call Kate McAllister today on 01663 795004